About Us

DanDale Fence has a pretty cool story! In 2012, Jordan Stockdale (the owner), started a construction company called DanDale Construction (go figure). DanDale Construction became very successful, but the demand for services became so great that we had to make a choice: Focus! Fences were such a great demand from our customers at DanDale Construction that we decided to convert the name of our company to DanDale Fence. Our values; Integrity, Honesty, and Quality all trickle from our sister company DanDale Construction. We have a great track record with our previous customers, and will continue to provide great service to our future customers!

DanDale Fence on a mission This was Jordan an orphanage in Zambia. He was given a cool opportunity to do some construction work at an orphanage!



Why Customers Work with DanDale Fence?

There are dozens of fence companies out there, so why would anyone choose us over them? We have come to find out that many customers who have used contractors typically have bad to average customer service. Our goal at DanDale is to provide exceptional customer service! From the day we give our presentation to the day we fulfill the contract, we work to provide a great experience for you so that when your friends ask about us, then you’re glad to share your experience. But, how do we go about giving you a great customer experience? Our focus is to work as a team. When our crews work with you, we encourage one another to work together to take care of our customers. We are transparent with the quality of materials, timing, and meeting your expectations as best as possible.


Our Core Values
We have two categories of core values: Our team values, and how we value our Customers


Values Towards Our Customers:

  1. Integrity-Doing the right thing regardless of who is watching. Always take that extra step. We want to sleep well at night.
  2. Honesty-There is no need to lie. Being honest will always last in the long run. We never shame the truth or the facts
  3. Quality-Promote a great end product that serves our customers well.


Team Values:

  1. Diligence- Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.
  2. Punctuality-Timing matters! Being punctual manages the big picture.
  3. Service To One Another-We will never say “that’s not my job,” “that’s not my fault,” We say “how can we make this happen,” “I’m going to do whatever it takes,” “How can I help you.” “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” “Let’s make it right.”
  4. Individual Growth and Learning-We will always be stretched as individuals and as a team. At DanDale, we won’t ever say, “I can’t do that.” It’s all about “We can do it.” We don’t make choices out of fear.
  5. A Do It Now Attitude- We do not procrastinate. Do it now!
  6. Consistency- Consistency is the key to greatness!
  7. Communication-We communicate clearly to one another.


Our Mission Statement
To build quality, build a good name, and to create a safe and restoring place for our team to work and bring in more employees.